The Heat

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“May you burn with grace and return to the light.”

Zendo Jesus Delmoral

He lived alone, in the silver, loaf-shaped, mobile trailer parked at the edge of the Gosset property. Old Man Gosset didn’t ask anything from Pablo, and was quite willing to give him a place to park for as long as it was needed. Once in a while, Mrs. Gosset walked a bag of warm cookies down to Pablo’s trailer, and affectionately ribbed him about his devotion to the space heater, even in July. You’d feel the hot air slam into you only moments after he opened his door.

Pablo was a simple man, and for the most part, he was satisfied. Satisfied with his work, his bed, with putting away a few dollars every check, with a night at the bar now and then, and a good electric generator. The generator was mostly for the heat. The heat was important.  » Read the rest of this entry «

A Bloom Unseen [Chapter One]

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I return from my walk along the stream holding a small bunch of red wildflowers. They had caught my eye immediately, the bright crimson hue shaking me from a daze of deep thought. Their lush, velveteen, petals blared forth from the greens and tans of the surrounding foliage like dime-sized drops of blood floating on the breeze. I had never seen them on the property before, which seemed odd. This was one of my favorite paths to walk.

“You don’t belong here,” I said, as I picked some to bring home. As soon as I spoke I realized what a ridiculous idea this was. Obviously the flowers belonged here more than in our kitchen, severed and in a glass vase. I was pretty sure, too, that they had a more fitting home here amongst the wind and the weeds than in the possession of someone who most likely would never see them.

But I keep hoping. And I keep doing things that make little sense. Less sense by the day. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Playmates [Chapter Five]

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A twilight like none seen on earth hung over the hilltop.

This was the favored meeting time for The Five. Overhead, the skies were a dark indigo, but on the horizons behind them, the light warmed to a deep salmon glow. The stars overhead were brilliant.

None spoke.

The wind moved about the grass on the hill. The peach colored light of a seemingly imminent dawn rested gently upon the shoulders of the four who were present. And a shadow rested in the empty grass patch where the boy usually sat.

“Where is the List-maker; the Giver of Clues and Warnings?” asked the girl with the teardrop-shaped mark on her forehead. “Where is the Deliverer of Verdicts?”

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everything that once made you appear beautiful

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They wanted your blood. The scent made them delirious with thirst. They wanted to smear that dark plasma like strawberry oil over their puffy, tremulous lips. They longed to suck you into their bellies like jello, every pulse of every artery absolving every sin.

They were well-meaning dogs that didn’t understand their own needs, their own demands—how easily they could tear your cornea from your face with their horned and padded feet. They were…gregarious bears that could kill you with a happy swipe.

Or maybe they were not so forgivable as all that. Maybe they were hungry for the inner skin. Maybe they were wolves working a red velvet rope.

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God Became Flesh and Found Hunger [Chapter 1]

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It was time to write.

Tanya sat at the keyboard, facing the screen, fingers laid softly upon the home row. She could think of nothing.

What had been her last thought? How was she going to connect Nadioch and The Coming of the Dark days?

Her index fingers skated lightly in minute circles over the nubs on the F and J keys as she hung, poised on the edge of action.
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The Last Delivery [The Playmates, Chapter 3]

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“Villainy,” whispered the little girl in the elevator with the spider tattoo on her forehead.

Standing next to the large man, her eyes pointed up at his back.

Ding, sang the elevator car, descending. » Read the rest of this entry «

violet passage

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Without speaking, she led me quickly down the corridor toward a moonlit window at the far end. A pale violet light shimmered back from the surface of her loose, voluminous clothes and we were enveloped by a hushing, rustle of sound as we moved forward.

Finally, we stopped, and she turned to face me. Her dark eyes glimmered with the intensity of spirit for which she was known so well.

“Do you remember why we are here?” she asked me. » Read the rest of this entry «

author notes [envelope, please]

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i’ll note a few changes in the blog now. » Read the rest of this entry «

original alien | chapter nine

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The man with the very large head lifted his chin because he was expecting an answer. His interest had greatly increased when he learned that Mictli had attended Brown University. Mictli didn’t care so much that the man found such a relatively unimportant fact of worth, he was more fascinated by how the man’s words and way of speaking were like plucking fork tines in Mictli’s mind. He heard the man’s voice as both musical and metallic, a dull nickle-plated tone with an unexpected twinge of melody weaving about. There was a rhythm to the older man’s speech that communicated the real questions in his soul, as there is with every person who uses speech in some way. Questions both found and denied, hidden to the speaker or held central in the cognizant mind.

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this clown of calm

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some talk about how anger makes you into someone you are not. someone apart from your true self. i don’t know. i want to see how people react when they are riled. until i know that, we’re still in the powdered sugar stage. anyone can keep a smile in place for a class foto. but when a fucker gets cracked in the head and can’t find a foothold, you see how they’ll use you, how they see a person. remember being a kid? you take note of those adults that get weird and crazy when they get angry and the ones that basically stay who they are but let you know stuff is out of place. kids know what’s up. and i do too. save your mustard jacket for the dog show. next chance i get to jam my foot in your ass, you’re off the bus.